Very cool award - N. J. Lindquist

Very cool award

The Word Guild decided it was time to have its first Blog Award this year, for two consecutively-written blogs. Guess who won? Yes, I did.

The blogs I entered were “The movement to re-engineer writers:” and “Listening with Your Mind and Your Heart.

I’ll be posting both of them on here in the next couple of days.

Currently looking for a picture of me getting the award so you can see the very cool dress I found to wear at the awards.

Here I am getting the certificate and cheque from Denise Rumble, the Managing Director of The Word Guild.

The award was actually sponsored by the Christian Herald, but due to printing difficulties,  the editor, Fazal Karim Jr., was unable to get to the gala in time for that presentation.

Thanks to Marianne Meed Ward, who was the judge for this award.