“Teens and adults alike will laugh, cry, and cheer for Shane throughout this refreshing book.” - Christian Library Journal
"All the problems that plague and perplex, without moralizing or religiosity but an honest portrayal of contemporary issues." - Catholic Insight

Twin brothers. One the high school student president and an all-star athlete; the other a loser.

For most of his life, Shane and his twin, Scott, were inseparable. But since choosing to go his own way, Shane has been in freefall. Nothing he tries goes right, and at this point he's angry with the world and everyone in it.

Ethan Walker is biracial, intelligent, serious, and lonely. However, he’s recently discovered a group of caring people who believe God can make a difference. Hesitantly, Ethan shares his discovery with Shane.

Shane laughs when Ethan suggests that God might be able to help him, but after almost walking in front of a moving car and yet another fight with Scott, he realizes he has nothing left to lose…

If you like moving fiction with realistic characters and real-life issues, N. J. Lindquist’s standalone novel, In Time of Trouble
, will delight and challenge you. Lindquist, who also writes award-winning mysteries under the name J. A. Menzies, brings suspense, strong characterization, and plot twists into this YA coming-of-age novel.

If you’ve ever felt like a loser (or know someone like that) get this uplifting novel today.

“Just finished In Time of Trouble! Normally I wouldn't contact the author, but you made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me sad when the book ended!... Its appeal is more than to teens. It's engrossing, draws the reader into the story and isn't easy to put down." - Anonymous

Deeds Speak” Award from the York Region Police

Read for Life pick 

Shortlisted for The Word Awards 

Note: From June 1st to Sept. 1, 2023, the ebook will only be available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.