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An engaging coming-of-age series that blends humour, adventure, and romance with a search for the meaning of life.

Herbie Kuhn

In-house voice of the Toronto Raptors

I meet with a lot of teens and speak to a lot of youth groups. I see the things they go through in N.J.’s novels.... I kept thinking, How is she going to be able to top this book? But she did; each book got better and better.

A Second Chance Novel

18-year-old tough guy Shane Donahue wants out of the life he's been living. But when someone suggests he should try God, he just laughs. 

Armand LaBarge 

Former York Region Police Chief 

N. J. Lindquist was presented with a plaque and a “Deeds Speak” certificate from then York Region Police Chief Armand P. LaBarge for her “contribution to facilitating positive change within the community” and “assisting youth in dealing with issues like anger, fear, and peer pressure” through the book.

Hot Apple Cider Books

Note: We have two sets of covers - the original print books and new ones as of Nov. 2021.

Five heart-warming anthologies featuring true stories, fiction, and poetry by 123 Canadian writers in total. 
Many of the pieces in the books have won writing awards. Three of the books also have discussion questions.

The original covers. The books are the same.

Violet Nesdoly

Author, freelance writer, poet, and artist

Some books surprise you with their ability to take your breath away... [R]eflects Canada’s mosaic population with pieces from First Nations to home-born Canadians to immigrants, young to old, urban to rural. Though the writing styles are varied, the book was skillfully edited to preserve the individual voices while providing a smooth read.

The short selections make this a perfect book for even indifferent readers. It would be a fabulous addition to an office waiting room, your bedside table, briefcase, backpack or purse. But be sure to buy more than one, for you will probably have the urge to share this gem of a collection with others.

From a review in Faith Today

The Realm of the Kingdoms

A  Middle Grade Epic Fantasy Series
with N. J. writing as   J. Alana Menzies.
Can a couple of 12-year-olds and two talking animals save a kingdom?

Claire de Burbure

MD, PhD, Medical & Environmental Health Teacher 

Enthralling and fast-paced. I couldn't put it down!

I can't wait to present this to my grandchildren!

Previous editions of the first book

A  prequel to the first book. 

The Manziuk and Ryan Mysteries

Note: We updated these covers as of September 2023. The books aren't changed - just the covers.

As J. A. Menzies, N. J. writes a classic mystery series set in contemporary Toronto and featuring a mismatched team of homicide detectives.
J. A. Menzies has also written some standalone mystery stories. 

Publishers Weekly

Paul Manziuk and his new partner, Jacqueline Ryan, make an odd team—he's white, an abrupt, patronizing veteran, while she's a recently promoted, vivacious black woman—but... the two rub elbows and tempers to effect.

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