My brain hasn’t been up to writing, so over the last few months I’ve used the energy I had to buy or design new covers for all my books.

New Covers Are Coming for All My Books!

I’d had one injection of zoledronic acid and was due for another. But while I was at the hospital to see my oncologist before having the injection, my heart took centre stage and I was off to Emergency.

A Routine Medical Appointment Turns Scary

Over the past two years, I’ve read a lot of books. I felt the need to share some of the nonfiction books I thought most worth reading.

The 10 Best Non-fiction Books I Read in 2020

I know know why they talk about the problems some parents have to get their adult kids to leave the “nest.” Getting baby birds out of their nest is a lot of work!

A Robins’ Nest at Our Front Door, Part 5

My grandfathers died before I was born, Granny Shaw was quite elderly, and I rarely saw Granny MacDonald, but I had Aunt Margaret and Uncle Albert.

LoveChild 38: Memories of Aunt Margaret and Uncle Albert

Even though Jennie Shaw, my dad’s mother, was 80 when I was six, she still managed to be a powerful influence on my life.

LoveChild 37: Granny Shaw Through the Eyes of a Six-Year-Old

Because my grandmother turned 80, I got to know dad’s family better, and learned I had a cousin my age.

LoveChild 36: Getting to Know My Dad’s Side of Our Family

We survived having a nest of robins’ above our front door that spring, but we didn’t expect them to return in July!

A Robins’ Nest at Our Front Door, Part 4

Instead of being color blind, let’s choose to love all skin colors and to encourage everyone to become the best person they can be.

White People Who Say They’re Color Blind Are Missing the Point

When I was 6 1/2, my life started to change: a new church group, a new cousin, starting school, and a book that helped make me who I am.

LoveChild 35: My Life Becomes More Interesting

When I think back to who I was at six, I have to say that I was probably very much like I am today.

LoveChild 34: What I Knew When I Was Six

I’ve heard that a child’s personality is formed by age 6, so I find it surprising that I have only a few memories & a handful of pictures from my 5th year.

LoveChild 33: A Lesson Learned