The Circle of Friends Ebook Box Set

Circle of Friends Series 

When your new best friend asks you to help him get a date with the girl you've admired from a distance since kindergarten, what do you do?

Herbie Kuhn

In-house Voice of the Toronto Raptors

“Circle of Friends is a fantastic series! I meet with a lot of teens and speak to a lot of youth groups. I see the things they go through in N.J.’s novels. The authenticity of Glen’s (main character) journey is impressive. I kept thinking how is she going to be able to top this book, but she did, each book got better and better.”

Glen is what he considers an "average" teenager who lives in a small town and just wants to get through his senior year of high school without any problems. Because he’s the youngest of six, Glen’s Mom babies him a bit. But that's fine with him. And maybe he's not good at sports, and he gets a lot of Cs on tests, but he can live with both those things. He figures he's got lots of time yet before he needs to think about choosing a career, finding a girl, and settling down. 

Charlie is the son of a doctor whose family just moved into a house across the street from Glen's. Charlie is everything Glen isn't. Tall, blond, and good-looking. He’s smart and athletic and he seems to have lots of money as well as a fast car. All the girls want to date him and all the guys want to be his friend.

Nicole is the pastor's daughter as well as the prettiest and smartest girl in town. She has no intention of dating Charlie. No matter how often he asks her. But she does feel a little sorry for him.

Luke, Glen’s best friend since kindergarten and the former school quarterback, dislikes Charlie on sight and longs to wipe the smile off his face. And he's not very happy with Glen, either.

As the year goes on, Glen finds himself stuck in the middle of not only Charlie's relentless quest to date Nicole but also the escalating rivalry between Luke and Charlie. In order to survive, he does some things he'd never imagined. Like going to church with Charlie in order to get Nicole interested; becoming friends with the town's mechanic; rushing headlong into a burning house; and getting hate mail from an unknown source.

In the process, Glen becomes something he'd never have dreamed he could be - a hero. 

He also discovers what it really means to be a friend and eventually realizes that what really matters isn’t who you were in the past, or who you are now, but who you will become in the future. 

An engaging coming-of-age series that blends humour, adventure, and romance with a search for the meaning of life.

Note: Discussion questions for each of the four books are included.

Marilyn Yokum

Writer and speaker

"N. J. Lindquist’s books are the best Christian fiction I have read in decades."

The author, a former high school Teacher of the Year and the mother of four sons, got the idea for this series after reading I Samuel 16:7.

"Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


The story grabbed me from the first paragraph and would, I think, do the same for most teens and "teens at heart."

Fay S. Latka



Ms. Lindquist is able to craft stunningly vivid guy-characters, yet she never neglects the female characters. Highly recommended.

Rosemarie DiCristo
/ Christian Library Journal


Buy the whole series for a teen in your life.

Crystal E. Miller 
author, editor, reviewer


We really appreciate this book because it appeals to teenage boys as well as girls.

Stonecroft Book Centre


Glen Sauten captured our sympathies as we rooted for him to stand up and discover himself.

Janet and Stephen Bly
authors of 100 + books


Glen is clearly a character readers can relate to. And hopefully as we see value in him, we’ll discover more value in ourselves.

Janet Sketchley 
/ author of Heaven’s Prey


[One of the characters] ends up in a wheelchair. [The] circumstances were so real it brought back memories. A good read for teens faced with a friend in a wheelchair, or who use one themselves.

David Hudson
Relate Magazine


Readers quickly learn to care about the realistic characters. The emphasis on discipleship and cell groups shows how teens can be equipped to be leaders in the church. 

Joel Comiskey
author and speaker


Captures the nature of friendship and what that means in this world of trials and temptations.

Neil Anderson 
author, The Bondage Breaker