My Writing Dilemma

Yes, I've written quite a few things over the years. 

But I've also struggled to bring them into existence. Not so much the writing, as the publishing.

Even though I've had royatly publishers in the past, I love the fact that I can now independently publish anything I write without having to jump through hoops and please gatekeepers who are very often on a completely different page from me! 

To read more of my thoughts as a Canadian writer who is a Christian (aka Christ-follow), check out the blogs below. 

Writing fiction would be easier if I wasn’t a Christian. I’d just sit down and write whatever I wanted. No problem. But I am a Christian. And it’s frequently been a problem. When I began writing more than 35 years ago, I had a BA in English and the English medal for my graduating class.

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I was writing a scene around Paul Manziuk, my police officer in Shaded Light, and suddenly he decided to swear. I told him he couldn’t. I don’t swear myself. Why would I swear when writing? He said he wasn’t me. True. He said that he was hot, tired, and frustrated, and he really needed to say one mild swear

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I wrote this in March of 2005 when I was Executive Director of The Word Guild, an organization I co-founded a little over three years earlier. I posted it here last year in honour of Canada Day, and because it’s still relevant, I’m posting it again today. Although I’m no longer actively involved in leadership of

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