A Robins' Nest at Our Front Door

What do you do when a pair of robins decides the best place for their nest is on top of the light fixture next to the front door of your home? 

Since we didn't notice the robins building the nest, by the time we discovered it the eggs had already been laid.

So we left the nest where it was and did our best not to bother or frighten our robin family.

However, although it was somewhat awkward, I took as many pictures as I could.

Find out what happened in the posts below:

I opened the front door to get our newspaper and was startled when a bird flew past my head, chirping angrily.

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Early one morning about three weeks after I first saw the nest, I looked out and saw a baby robin.

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The next morning, I came downstairs and was shocked to see the baby robin huddled on the narrow window above our front door.

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We survived having a nest of robins’ above our front door that spring, but we didn’t expect them to return in July!

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I now know why they talk about the problems some parents have to get their adult kids to leave the “nest.” Getting baby birds out of their nest is a lot of work!

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