The Robins' Nest at Our Front Door, Part 3 - N. J. Lindquist

The Robins’ Nest at Our Front Door, Part 3

After building a nest above our front door and raising a single baby, our robins left.

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The next morning, May 30th, there was no baby robin on the ledge, and no sign of any robins in the area.

A few days later, I was in our lane and I thought I caught a glimpse of a young robin near our neighbour’s house.

I also saw one who looked a lot like the mother grabbing a raspberry from a bush at another neighbour’s house. I tried to get a picture but it flew away.

A week passed. I decided they must have gone to another area, perhaps to join other robins.

We had a lot going on, so a couple more weeks passed, but eventually we had time to make plans to get the railing replaced and redo our front yard. We started the process for someone to come and start the upgrade.

2robinsinnestI discovered I had so many pictures of robins they needed their own folder. I wrote a blog about the robins.

I prepared to move on.

But no one thought to take down the old nest.

And then, on the morning of July 9th, I opened the door to get the newspaper and not one but two robins flew out of the nest, chattering and complaining at the top of their voices.

If you look closely in this picture, you can see two heads right in the center, against the wall of the house.

Why didn’t someone warn me that robins typically have two, sometimes three, families each year!

And why are there occasionally two robins in the nest at some time? Is it the Mom and the first baby? Or Mr. and Mrs. Robin?

MrsRobinorAre these even the same robins? Do all robins look the same or are there ways to tell one robin from another?

All I know is that whoever these robins are, we have to delay fixing our front entrance yet again.

And they are every bit as passionate about protecting the nest as the first robins were, flying from the nest if we forget and just open the door or if someone comes too close to the front step, chattering loudly from the tree or on the post until they feel safe.

(Yes, I somehow caught her in mid-chatter :)!)

To be continued

  • Teri says:

    Great story I really enjoyed reading it . I’ve got to Robin Nest Right next to each other and she’s been in both. And they’re right outside my back door that I use all the time . She let me look at her for a few minutes one time and the next time I went out to look she was in the other Nest. Not quite sure what she’s doing but she doesn’t seem to like it when I try to go out and look at her . She flies away . I just hope I don’t scare her away so she doesn’t have her babies in her nest . I have birds every year in bird Nest that were built but I’ve never had Robbins so this is really interesting to me .

  • N Williams says:

    Thanks for your very informative post! We have robins that have set up shop by building a nest on the bottom of the ledge surrounding the pane of glass above our front door. So, through the glass, we have witnessed the entire nest-building process, from messy collection of building materials (many of which landed on our front porch just outside the door) to compaction and finally, consolidation into a nest. I think we will remove it after the first crop of fledglings leaves! Meanwhile, it’s a fascinating show.

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