In my short life, we’d already moved from Indian Head, Saskatchewan, to Wolseley. Now, we moved to Crystal City, Manitoba.

As always, the new year began with my birthday. But it also began with my parents wondering if they should make another change in our circumstances.

The next morning, I came downstairs and was shocked to see the baby robin huddled on the narrow window above our front door.

I mentioned earlier that I was given a hot water bottle when I was a baby. While it was great for warming up my bed, I didn’t care for its other use.

Early one morning about three weeks after I first saw the nest, I looked out and saw a baby robin.

I opened the front door to get our newspaper and was startled when a bird flew past my head, chirping angrily.

With school closed, many parents are forced to become the teachers. Here are some tips for what to do.

In the midst of a crowd, when I couldn’t see my parents, I felt a little bit afraid. But when a man tried to help me by putting me on his shoulder to help me see, I was terrified.

Can you imagine how much my mother, who wanted a dainty little girl, disliked my being surrounded by boys and dirt, and reveling in it?

People look at pictures of me when I was young, and think my hair was lovely. But it was actually the single biggest bone of contention between me and my mother. And I had no control over it!

I hated Valentine’s Day for most of my life. One day, as an adult, I looked into why we have the day, and thought of a way to make it more positive.

My mother had no training in looking after children. Only a Dr. Spock book and a few friends she could go to for advice. Except she’d have trouble doing that. So when I was little, and testing the boundaries, she struggled to make me do as I was told.