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A 100-year-old Christmas greeting

When my mother and I went through her belongings, we discovered a couple of keepsake boxes with things that had belonged to my dad’s parents. Including several very old Christmas cards. I thought I’d share one of them with you.This one is probably my favourite.In case you have difficulty reading it, the verse says,Across the […]

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The Gift We So Often Neglect

It’s easy to forget that the God we celebrate at Christmas is more creative than any of us can imagine. After all, it was the Creator who dreamed up butterflies, hedgehogs, zebras, and macaws. Not to mention the Northern Lights, oysters, peacocks, and snowflakes. So why aren’t God’s children celebrated for their creativity?

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LoveChild 17: A Fairytale Romance

He was 26, a quiet country boy with only grade 8, still living with his very religious mother and working at a job he didn’t like. She was 27, a thoroughly modern girl who’d left home at 16 to work at Eaton’s, and loved to be out dancing. But it was love at first sight for these two very different people.

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LoveChild 14b: Our Sherritt / Baird Heritage Pt. 2

“We’re all ghosts. We all carry, inside us,people who came before us.”Liam Callanan, The Cloud Atlas In Part 1 (my last post), which was primarily about our Sherritt ancestors, I mentioned that George Sherritt married Sarah Jane Baird in 1873.   Side Note: In case, like me, you’re wondering why so many first names are […]

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Feeling Overwhelmed These Days? I Am.

Mature, sad woman sitting on her bed feeling overwhelmed

At my core, I’m a fiction writer, but over the last three or so years, I’ve pretty well given up the struggle to even try to write anything fun because there’s just too much harsh reality going on around me. And so many lies….

So I’ve decided to write about how I feel and what I see.

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My One-Year Breast Cancer Anniversary

Me in the Maritimes September, 2018.One year ago today, Les and I were driving a sturdy rental car through a barren stretch on the north shore of Newfoundland when my cell phone rang. First, I was surprised that there was any cell coverage—for much of this trip there wasn’t. Second, since I rarely give out my number, […]

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Growing Up Adopted: An Interview with N. J. Lindquist

Last October, my daughter-in-law Elle Lindquist interviewed me about growing up as an adopted child in the years before open adoption and how that has impacted my life—which is related to the memoir I’m blogging here.  This interview was planned in the summer before I had the routine mammogram that indicated I might have cancer. And […]

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