Walking a blind dog - N. J. Lindquist

Walking a blind dog

This is our first video, so it may need some work. It shows me taking our 17-year-old miniature poodle Silx for a walk.

The interesting this is that Silx is pretty well blind and deaf. But she still asks to go for walks by going in circles in the hallway near our front door – especially on warm days.

While it looks as though I'm pulling Silx, she's actually on a leash that expands. So she's going pretty well wherever she wants to go. She used to like to lead me by the full length of the leash; now she seems to prefer to walk about 3 feet behind me. If I go too slowly, she bumps into my legs, so I have to try to keep to her pace.

I also have to watch she doesn't bump into the rocks and other barriers our neighbours seem to like.