My Christmas thoughts - N. J. Lindquist

My Christmas thoughts

I actually wrote this short devotional some years ago, but it sums up what I’d write today. It’s actually posted on another blog, but I thought I’d mention it here, and give you the link.

The Babe of Christmas

Christmas. We think of the lovely pastoral setting with stable, animals, tongue-tied shepherds, priceless gifts delivered by mysterious magi, a smiling Mary, a sturdy Joseph, and the babe, cozy on a sweet-smelling bed of fresh hay. The scene touches us in a unique way.

We delight in Mary’s innocence and charming simplicity as she allowed God’s child to irrevocably alter the fabric of her life. We nod in approval at Joseph’s resolution to see this through at any cost. We rejoice in the gift God gave us by sending His only Son.

But, too often, we leave it there…

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