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The Wisdom of Madeline L’Engle

According to some people on Facebook, this is National Book Week. All over my feed, people are picking up the closest book and posting the 5th sentence from page 56. Which, for me, is “All light was gone.” However, I’m going to do a little more than that here. For the last eight or so months, […]

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Read Chapter 1 of The Best of Friends, the First Book in My Circle of Friends Series

Luke’s text said, “Not this weekend, Glen. Taking Jamie to the movie tonight.” “We haven’t been there all summer. This might be our last chance.” “Sorry. Taking Jamie shopping in Stanton tomorrow. And there’s a party tomorrow night. What can I say?” No more explanation needed. I was getting the picture. “Okay. See you at […]

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Circle of Friends FAQ – Part 1

N. J. Lindquist responds to questions she’s often asked: Where did you get the idea for this series? Authors are always being asked where they get their ideas. Sometimes it’s hard to explain because the idea kind of grows inside your head until you either explode or write it down. Other times, you can pinpoint […]

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Circle of Friends FAQ – Part 2

N. J. Lindquist responds to questions she’s often asked: If you missed part 1 of this post, read it here. But then you had to stretch things out into a third book. Did it get harder or easier? It actually got kind of complicated. After writing A Friends in These, I wrote a third book called […]

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Walking the Fiction Tightrope: Writing with Faith and Honesty

I was writing a scene around Paul Manziuk, my police officer in Shaded Light, and suddenly he decided to swear. I told him he couldn’t. I don’t swear myself. Why would I swear when writing? He said he wasn’t me. True. He said that he was hot, tired, and frustrated, and he really needed to […]

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The dilemma of being a Christian who writes fiction

Writing fiction would be easier if I wasn’t a Christian. I’d just sit down and write whatever I wanted. No problem. But I am a Christian. And it’s frequently been a problem. When I began writing more than 35 years ago, I had a BA in English and the English medal for my graduating class. […]

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