hand and worldDo you ever have a feeling that things are closing in on you?

That you just can’t keep up? That you really need the world to just stop for a day or two so you can catch up?

I’ve been getting that feeling way too often lately. There seems to be too much technology I don’t even begin to understand. Too many opportunities—how do I choose? Too many things I should read. Too much music for me to ever listen to. More television channels than I could ever check out. More movies than I could ever watch. So much information about events and politics and accidents and crime and wars and…. I am overwhelmed. I just want to put my hands over my ears and hide under a blanket until it all goes away.

Except it doesn’t go away. Rather, each passing minute adds more and more things to the onslaught, and I am adrift in an ocean of words and pictures and feelings and details—so many details. I am dizzy and bewildered.

What can I do? I can’t jump off—become a hermit and hide away. letting the world pass me by.

I can’t keep using all my energy to try to keep up, knowing I will surely fail, and becoming more and more tired.

Maybe I can just take a few minutes to calm down and remember that God is still in control, and that, despite the multitude of things  coming at me at an increasingly fast pace, he not only knows everything there is to know about all of them, but he knows everything from the past, present and future. And if I ask him to help me discern his will and guide me, I’ll be able to choose to keep up with only those things which  are necessary for me to carry out his will for my life. And all the rest will eventually fade away into the background where it belongs.

February 11, 2008

About the author 

N. J. Lindquist

N. J. Lindquist is the award-winning author of books, articles, short stories, and blog posts. She also edits and publishes the "Hot Apple Cider" anthologies. A former high school teacher, N. J. co-founded The Word Guild and teaches workshops for writers as well as speaking on various topics including creativity and leadership.

  • Yes, I agree, that God is in control, and it is good to hear someone say it. I too feel overwhelmed by our information society, and my best times are when my house is empty and quiet. The quiet energizes me. Quiet and energy, who in this world would want to put those two words in the same phrase… think I will have to write something about that.

    Wendalyn Love

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