New Release: The eBook for A Friend in Need - N. J. Lindquist

New Release: The eBook for A Friend in Need

The third book in the Circle of Friends Series is now available as an ebook or as a paperback book.

Just before Valentine’s Day, seventeen-year-old Glen Sauten, who is reeling from his first break-up, jumps headlong into a new relationship. Maybe not the smartest thing he’s ever done.

At the same time, he’s trying various ways to encourage Luke, who’s recovering from a very serious accident—which Glen feels was his fault.

And he keeps having to avoid the ever-annoying Marta, who needs more help than he can offer.

Of course, Charlie is still Charlie, and he’s hard to avoid, too.

As if that isn’t enough, Glen’s getting nasty anonymous letters and is the brunt of embarrassing posters at school. He doesn’t know if they’re a prank or something more sinister.

Meanwhile, Nicole wonders if she’s made a mistake, and begins to question what she’s been taught by her church and what friendship really means.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


More details and links to where you can get A Friend in Need

Note: I’ll add more live links as the book get into more stores data bases. (Nook, iTunes, etc.)

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