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I Just Finished Writing a Book!

Princess P 1st coverI did it! Wrote a fantasy chapter book for my granddaughters in time for Christmas. Even managed three edits.

This is the working cover I used on the Advance Reading Copy of the book.

Of course, things did change a little bit along the way. The original goal was to come up with a story of about 10 or 12,000 words by Nov. 7th, 2008 – in time for a birthday. Maybe 12 chapters.

But there’s this law about things filling up all available  space.  And it must have seemed as though I had extra space available – though I have no idea why! Anyway, the story somehow kept growing. And growing. It ended up just shy of 40,000 words, with 30 chapters.

It probably needs a couple more edits prior to showing it to an editor or agent, but I think it’s good enough for a Christmas read. The full title is The Misadventures and Tribulations of Princess Persnickety and Her Friends.

And here’s the clincher.

Under the title it says Part 1: The Stranger.

You see, as I wrote, I kept getting all kinds of other ideas. After all, once you’ve gone to all the trouble of creating an entire world, you kind of want to spend some quality time there. Writing the book also gave me more insights into the Narnia series. I’ll be writing my thoughts here shortly. Click here to read the original opening of the book.

  • Donna Mann says:

    And isn't it fun to create that world and then go in and play. Love your cover. Keep on keeping on. D.

  • Denise Budd Rumble says:

    Congratulations on finishing the book! I love the cover. Looking forward to reading it all.

  • Trevel says:

    I would drop the “And her friends”. Sounds too much like a Saturday morning cartoon.

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