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What Gives You the Right to Criticize Me?

“You think I need to control my temper, do you?” Steve glared at his wife. “Well, what makes you think you’re so perfect?” Janice sighed. “I just don’t think you should get so angry with Gary because he didn’t like your idea. You—” “That’s the last time I’ll tell him anything!” “Steve, why can’t you accept a […]

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Help! I Need Somebody…

Jeannie cringes as a wave of anguish sweeps over her. How could I have missed that? What’s wrong with me? Tears well up in her eyes. I’m hopeless. Why can I never seem to get anything right? And why does Sam always pick up on it when I miss something? Yes, the results will be better […]

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Our Quest for Happiness

We all dream of being happy. But what, exactly, is happiness?​Some years ago, I was drinking tea in a friend’s kitchen when she said to me, “You know, when we bought this house, I thought my life was finally perfect. I have a great family, a good job, more possessions than I ever dreamed of […]

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