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Most people actually like to be needed

One day while planning my next book, I realized I needed more information than I could get from books or the internet. I needed to talk to a real, live person with some experience in either handing out or being on the receiving end of certain medications. So I sent a note to one of […]

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Wanted: companionship

It seems to me that if we really knew God the way he wants to be known, we’d be falling all over ourselves trying to introduce him to others. Unfortunately, many people’s relationship with God goes like this: “I’ll believe in you, live a fairly decent life, and attend church when I can; you’ll see […]

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How are you, really?

“You know you’re a writer,” said the toastmaster at a banquet I attended recently, “if, when you ask someone how they’re doing, you actually listen to the answer.” But even though I am a writer, I don’t always listen. I live, as you do, in a busy, multi-tasking world where the art of listening to […]

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Listening with your mind and your heart

This is one of two blogs I wrote in 2009 that won The Word Guild 2010 Award for Blog Series this June. “Some people are uncoachable,” said the speaker, who was giving tips on mentoring others. I nodded in agreement. I'd recently been thinking the same thing, and it was good to hear him affirm […]

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Why I’ve been reluctant to ask for help

I wrote a blog that's really a follow-up to the one I posted here yesterday. My single resolution for 2010 – Lindquist It’s pretty simple. My resolution for this year is that I’m going to ask for help this year. At least once a week, if possible. From people who aren’t married to me and […]

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