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The Robins’ Nest at Our Front Door, Part 3

After building a nest above our front door and raising a single baby, our robins left. Click here it you missed Part 2 of the story. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, go here. The next morning, May 30th, there was no baby robin on the ledge, and no sign of any robins in […]

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Our Robin Family, Part 2

We first discovered the robin’s nest behind the light above our front door on May 5th. If you missed the first part of the story, you can find it here. On the morning of May 28th, I came downstairs and, as usual, went to check to see if the robin was on her nest before […]

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A Robins’ Nest at Our Front Door

Last spring we didn’t notice until too late that a pair of robins had decided to nest on the light fixture outside our front door. The moment of discovery involved opening the front door to pick up the newspaper, and jumping when something flew squawking from just above my head to the tree in front of […]

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No more diet drinks for me

I’ve never gotten into the habit of drinking Coke or other carbonated beverages (aka pop, soft drinks, etc.) the way some people do—as if they were water. I might have one a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. But I’ve always known there was nothing good about it. With a chocolate bar, you can at least […]

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