LoveChild Ministries - N. J. Lindquist

No matter who your parents are or were, no matter how difficult or easy your life has been, you are loved.

No matter how hurt you might be, or how unimportant you feel, you are unique, and you are needed.

My ministry over the last 40 or more years, through churches, small groups, one on one mentoring, speaking, and leading a national organization for writers, has been to empower individuals to trust God, themselves, and others.

That focus will continue in the future, but in a new way.

The Book:

I’m currently working on a memoir, which has the working title, LoveChild: Reflections from a Former Ugly Duckling.

It will be published in several parts. Part 1 is getting close to being ready. It should be out this fall.

LCPart1ebookcover72To catch a glimpse of what LoveChild will be like, here’s the opening to my award-winning true story, “The Diamond Ring,” which was published in the anthology Hot Apple Cider.

The other guests at the birthday party appeared to be having a wonderful time. I was counting the minutes until I could go home and read a book or design more clothes for my paper dolls. As soon as we’d eaten the birthday cake, I said I had to leave early. Dressed in my best party dress and my white sandals, carrying a little basket of candy and trinkets, I fought to hold back the tears that started the moment I closed the door….

It was 1955, and I was seven years old….



I’m planning a cross-Canada speaking tour as soon as the book is ready. Likely the summer and fall of 2015.

Meanwhile, I’ll be putting up some videos and of course blogging here.

The word “LoveChild” in my title has more than one meaning:

1. Lovechild is another term for a child born out of wedlock. Otherwise known throughout history as a b-word. I grew up not knowing anything about my birth parents. Was I loved by them? Did it matter? I didn’t know.

2. As an adopted child, I was loved by the people I called Mom and Dad, even though they weren’t my birth parents. I was truly their “child” and they loved me.

3. I grew up knowing from a very young age that God was my best friend, and that he loved me. Always. Even before I existed.I am truly his LoveChild.