More Than a Friend: A Coming-of-Age Christian Novel

An unexpected moment of glory. Only he knows it was dumb luck. How can he convince everyone he isn’t a hero?

All seventeen-year-old Glen Sauten wants to do is survive the last couple of months of his senior year of high school. But there are far too many distractions. His best friend is back home and angry at the world. His love life is a complete disaster. And the football quarterback, who’s been bullying Glen for the past year, suddenly wants to make peace.

When he’s on the spot during yet another emergency, Glen’s first instinct is to run. Instead, he buckles down and deals with the situation, all the time praying he won’t mess up.

Later, when his best friend’s life is threatened, Glen realizes their roles have been reversed. Can he be the person everyone thinks he is?

More Than a Friend is the exciting fourth book in The Circle of Friends YA Christian fiction series. If you like realistic teen voices, fast-moving action, and inspirational coming-of-age stories, then you'll love N. J. Lindquist's soul searcher.

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