With Friends Like These reviews - N. J. Lindquist

This book amazed me with the author' s ability to write from a young man's point of view and I so appreciate the faith based story that she wrote. 

Connie Saunders, review on Amazon

Lindquist combines the angst of growing up with the need for an increasing relationship with God.

Written from Glen's viewpoint, the text allows teens to identify with the characters. Lindquist draws the characters with skill and warm insight.

Parents will welcome the strong moral values and common-sense answers suggested to address everyday problems youths face today. 

Whether reading this as a stand alone book or part of the series, the reader will want more from this author who portrays kids with realism and heart.

Christian Library Journal

Don’t take my word for it. I had to ask a 16-year-old whether N. J. Lindquist’s "Circle of Friends" series of novels lived up to the promoter’s promise that "real issues and realistic teens" make for a compelling read.

And without any prompting, "realistic" was the word my young informant provided. "'Friends Like These was a touching book,' he said. 'It clarified things that I was doing wrong—and how to fix it." Those "things" include struggles with jealousy, petty pride and romance—the stuff of life at any age, but of particular importance to young people learning their way in the world.

If my young Christian reader’s response is any indication, That’s Life! Communications has a winning series in hand.

Doug Koop, review in Christian Week

It may seem that someone has it all together, but inside they may be fighting loneliness, pride, anger , self-worth or many other things we can't see. I loved how Glen tried to be friends with everyone but signs of jealousy started popping up. I don't want to tell too much of the story because it is one that everyone needs to read.

Deana, review on Amazon

Maybe you know someone you or your teen just can't reach; one of these books may be the key to opening that door of communication. These books are a great tool for sharing your faith and would be a great addition to your home library or your church library.

Debbie Doane, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

If you got the first book (Best of Friends) in this Circle of Friends series, you are going to want to get this one, too. It continues with the same characters of Book #1. Life is not simple for teenagers. More complications, more relationship interaction.

Crystal E. Miller,  editor, writer, reviewer