The Best of Friends Reviews - N. J. Lindquist

A fantastic series!... The authenticity of Glen’s (main character) journey is impressive. 

Herbie Kuhn, In-house Voice of the Toronto Raptors

The story grabbed me from the first paragraph and would, I think, do the same for most teens and "teens at heart." A novel that retains its authenticity to this degree is rare and should not be missed.

Fay S. Latka, review in ChristianWeek

Glen Sauten captured our sympathies as we rooted for him to stand up and discover himself. His problems challenge and develop his character, move the action along, and provide exciting moments. Lindquist has found the teen voice, but writes to the emotional needs of all ages.

Janet and Stephen Bly, authors of 100+ books

Glen is clearly a character readers can relate to. And hopefully as we see value in him, we’ll discover more value in ourselves.

Janet Sketchley, author of Heaven's Prey

Mrs. Lindquist is my favorite author because she wrote a book about me! 

A 16-year-old boy who rarely reads

Highly recommended. Great story about a high school boy who is happy drifting through high school, letting his friends take the lead. He's content to be a follower viewed as lazy or indifferent. But when a new neighbor moves in across the street, his world becomes very confusing. He is forced to start thinking for himself, making some tough decisions. Good Christian thread throughout and a satisfying ending. Clean, with no foul language or inappropriate scenes. Although the story is about high school students, it is written in a way adults can enjoy, too.

ErinA, review on Amazon