More Than a Friend Reviews - N. J. Lindquist

A beautifully written book filled with real, vulnerable characters. Glen, despite his quiet nature, is never wimpy and makes a fine, heroic role model for the book’s readers. Luke and Charlie are also wonderfully drawn characters and the behaviors that result from their pain are understandable, if not always forgivable. Even flaky Marta, who latches onto Glen’s friendship, much to Glen’s disgust, is terrific, and likable.… 

Ms. Lindquist is able to craft stunningly vivid guy-characters, a plus in attracting young male readers, yet she never neglects her female characters.

Highly recommended. 

Rosemarie DiCristo, Christian Library Journal

Captures the nature of friendship and what that means in this world of trials and temptations.

Neil Anderson,  author of The Bondage Breaker

N. J. Lindquist has a unique gift of using the written word to reach teens for Jesus. Readers quickly learn to care about the realistic characters. The emphasis on discipleship and cell groups shows how teens can be equipped to be leaders in the church. N. J. makes Christianity and Christ come alive.

Joel Comiskey,  small group consultant

Glen is a guy who starts seeing the pastor’s daughter for the wrong reasons, but his life is changed eternally because of it… These books are a great tool for sharing your faith and would be a great addition to your home library or your church library.

Debbie Doane, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Buy the whole series for a teen in your life.

Crystal E. Miller, author, editor, reviewer

N. J. Lindquist’s books are the best Christian fiction I have read in decades.

Marilyn Yokum, writer  and speaker

N. J. Lindquist has an authentic voice, credible story lines and a gentle, non-preachy way of getting her point across. I recommend the Circle of Friends novels to every teen I meet.

Linda Hall, mysery and suspense author 

N. J. Lindquist captures the voice of teenaged boys and offers a realistic look at the inner turmoil they face as they find their identity and make moral choices in the light of peer pressure. A master story-teller, Lindquist will hook you with the first couple of paragraphs and keep you reading.

Deborah Gyapong, journalist, novelist