A Friend in Need reviews - N. J. Lindquist

This vivid novel for teens presents relationships, struggles, and the search for love and for God. Real issues are dealt with, and Christian solutions provided. 

Catholic Insight

Lindquist paints characters and scenes that evoke tears and cheers. Her positive introduction of biblical fasting encourages readers to consider it.

Coming to grips with your past, learning to forgive and growing in maturity and responsibility, all appear in the scriptural storyline.

Although intended for a teenage audience (12-18) this book might well be enjoyed by adults of any age.

Although part of a series, this book can be read as a stand-alone.

Christian Library Journal

Friends In Need tackles real issues, issues that matter to teens and young people, issues that matter to God. The reader who identifies with Glen Sauten will appreciate the real struggles Glen faces and the real solutions Christ provides as he learns to trust God for the answers. It’s a very engaging story and an easy read.

Leslie Kallen, author

[One of the characters] ends up in a wheelchair. [The] circumstances were so real it brought back memories. Friends in Need is a good read for teens faced with a friend in a wheelchair, or who use one themselves.

David Hudson, editor, Relate Magazine

Another great book in this series! Wow! This story had me crying with all the earnest prayer and love and friendship. I'm loving the realness of these heavy subjects involved in each story. I hope more people read these stories- very good job!

Brandy, review on Amazon

By now you will be hooked into the relationships in this teen fiction book series that is so like the real issues with teens. What I didn’t mention in the first two reviews in this series is that it is written in first person POV. This gives it such a personal feel.

Crystal E. Miller,  editor, writer, reviewer

Crystal E. Miller,  editor, writer, reviewer

Crystal E. Miller,  editor, writer, reviewer

Crystal E. Miller,  editor, writer, reviewer

Crystal E. Miller,  editor, writer, reviewer