A Friend in Need: A Coming-of-Age Christian Novel

For years, he’s been content to follow his best friend’s lead. But now he’s forced to make his own decisions. Will God help him choose wisely?

All seventeen-year-old Glen Sauten wants to do is hide in his room until his senior year of high school is over. Since kindergarten, he’s let his best friend make decisions for him. But with a rocky relationship with his new girl-friend, Valentine’s Day around the corner, hate-filled anonymous letters in the mail, and his best friend no longer an option, Glen has no idea who to trust.

He can’t tell his parents about his problems because then they’ll know how badly he’s messed up. So he prays that God will help him navigate the obstacle course his life has become. But what will he do when someone’s life depends on him?

A Friend in Need is the thought-provoking third book in The Circle of Friends YA Christian fiction series. If you like realistic teen voices, fast-moving action, and inspirational coming-of-age stories, then you'll love N. J. Lindquist's soul searcher.

Get A Friend in Need to find out if Glen can learn to trust himself!

Note: From June 1st to Sept. 1, 2023, the ebook will only be available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.

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