ITOT Reviews - N. J. Lindquist

This book is excellent for all ages! Especially if you’ve ever felt like the black sheep of the family, or have been on the outside looking in… You’ll love this book!

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Excellent! Superb book! It touched me and connected with my own need for help during my time of trouble. I couldn’t put the book down…Your book could help many people—young and older people too….

Robert Sealey, BSc. CA

N. J. Lindquist was presented with a plaque and a “Deeds Speak” certificate from the York Region Police for her “contribution to facilitating positive change within the community” and “assisting youth in dealing with issues like anger, fear, and peer pressure” through the book.

Armand LaBarge,

former York Region Police Chief

In Time of Trouble is a deep, thought-provoking book. Complex issues such as personal salvation, dealing with anger, racism, doubt, fear, bullying, and failure are all tackled in a simple but profound way. The author has also done a wonderful job of including characters of many different ethnic backgrounds. 

Johanne Robertson, Read for Life

This book is a clever combination of an appealing title, an attractive cover, a motley cast of characters, a riveting story line and best of all, an inviting no-nonsense Christian solution to problems. And one more plus; all that is available in a very affordable paperback. This book is too good to pass up!

Martha M. Boshart, author

All the problems that plague and perplex, without moralizing or religiosity but an honest portrayal of contemporary problems, all leading to Christ.

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