Novels about Second Chances - N. J. Lindquist

What do you do when the whole world seems to be against you?

After losing his car, his girlfriend,  and his part-time job, 18-year-old tough guy Shane Donahue is angry and ready to fight everyone, including his twin brother.

Inside, though, he wonders if being alive is worth it, and comes close to walking out in front of a car on an icy road. But the car stops, and the driver turns out to be a girl who's infatuated with him. Crisis averted. For a while. 

But nothing really changes, and Shane spirals deeper and deeper into a need to escape from his life. Getting angry doesn't help. Getting drunk doesn't help. Nothing he tries seems to help.

When Ernie, a biracial loner who claims to be Shane’s only friend, suggests that God could turn his life around, Shane figures he might as well give it a try—he’s got nothing to lose.

And some things do change. He even makes some new friends. But then Shane is arrested for a serious crime and forced to decide whether to fight or pray.