I’m pleased that A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider was recently voted October Non-fiction Book of the Month by BookFun.org. Official announcement below.

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider ebook coverBook Of The Month NonfictionHere are the results of the October 2013 Book of the Month Voting

October 2013 Nonfiction Book of the Month
A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider [edited] by N. J. Lindquist [& Wendy E. Nelles] with 56.1% of the votes.
Worship Walk: Where worship and life intersect by Gareth Goossen with 18.4% of the votes.
Stress, Overcoming Real Life Issues with God by Dr. Steven Haymon with 17.5% of the votes.

October 2013 Fiction Book of the Month
The Governess of Highland Mall by Carrie Turansky with 20.6% of the votes.
Unspoken by Dee Henderson with 19.4% of the votes.
A Christmas Gift for Rose by Tricia Goyer with 15% of the votes.

These authors and titles will be profiled in the December issue of www.bookfunmagazine.com

The first place in each category will be automatically entered into the Book Of The Year Voting in December and those winners will be announced in the January issue

Thanks to EVERYONE!

Be sure to congratulate the Authors here and on their FB pages!

Other good news: HAC2 DGsBox

We now have print editions of the Discussion Guide for A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider.

You can now order either the digital or print versions.

You can also order bulk copies directly from the publisher.

If you missed the video trailers for A Second Cup and the first Hot Apple Cider book, check out my YouTube channel.

November 8, 2013

About the author 

N. J. Lindquist

N. J. Lindquist is the award-winning author of books, articles, short stories, and blog posts. She also edits and publishes the "Hot Apple Cider" anthologies. A former high school teacher, N. J. co-founded The Word Guild and teaches workshops for writers as well as speaking on various topics including creativity and leadership.

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