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A Guest Blog I Wrote for November – Adoption Month

My Adoption Was an Answer to Prayer I was four years old when my mother told me I was adopted. I had very little idea what she was telling me, but she read a book to me about how parents sometimes can’t keep their babies, and how God has to find other homes for the […]

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A Review and an Interview

We appreciate the review Robert White wrote of our book, Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon: Stories of Finding Love in Unexpected places. Like a cup of hot apple cider warming the body on a cold day, the Hot Apple Cider with Cinnamon anthology will warm the soul. The fourth in the Hot Apple Cider series, […]

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My Short Story About a Pregnant Teen Who Has to Decide What’s Best for Her Baby

Since November is Adoption Month, I thought I’d mention a short story I wrote called “Conversations in Baby Blue.” Although it’s fiction, it was actually based on a true story. Years ago, I shared a double hospital room with an unwed teen mother. Since this was back then people stayed in the hospital longer than nowadays, and […]

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