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Whose responsibility is the obesity epidemic?

Years ago, a wonderful new commodity was born. White bread. And the housewives thought it was so light and such a wonderful appealing colour that they flocked to the stores to buy it. And then Kraft developed a pasta dinner that only took minutes to prepare. And so on and so forth. It wasn't until […]

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Fat vs thin

After watching "I Can Make You Thin" with Paul McKenna, I found myself thinking about words and their meanings, and I suddenly realized that we don't actually have a word for "just right." "Fat" is never a positive word when used in North America to describe a human being. The word for "too fat" is […]

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Stopping cravings by negative association

I've been thinking more about what Paul McKenna said last week about losing weight by taking control of your cravings through associating a very negative taste (rotten, with worms, etc.) with whatever it is you crave. (I wrote about that in my last blog.) I was struck by a memory from long ago. It's not […]

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Thoughts on TLC’s “I Can Make You Thin”

I started watching this program last week, kind of by accident. Along with millions of other people, I hit a certain poundage at few years ago, and said, “this far and no further!” Since then, I’ve been trying to get to what I believe is a healthy weight.  Not so much that i want to […]

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2 simple rules for getting in shape

Yes, I’m doing it. Got plans to make my whole house more suited to my body’s needs. 1. Eat only what your body actually needs. Would you stuff sugar in your car’s gasoline tank? Give a bowl of it to your cat or dog? No? Then why put it inside your mouth? Sure it tastes […]

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Eating ourselves to death – kaching!

What's on my mind right now is getting my physical body in shape to do the things I still want to do. In other words, I want to be as fit and healthy as possible. So – what to do? I think I've read enough books and magazines on the subject to write my own […]

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