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My greatest fear

Over the years, I’ve been afraid of many things. Having a flat tire on a freeway. Or worse, having a flat tire at night. The result of this fear is that I avoid driving on freeways whenever possible. Losing a small child in a large shopping mall and not finding him for an hour (other […]

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Church is really not about us

I’ve often heard people say, “We have so many talented, capable people in this church, the church can’t help but grow.” Each time I hear those words, I cringe inside. Not because I don’t believe the church has been gifted with talented people. Most churches have. Many church members are college-educated people who are professionals […]

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Is today’s church (aka the “body of Christ”) healthy?

I‘ve always known God was my best friend, and been part of the “church.” But over the years, I‘ve often wondered if we’re living the way he wants, or if there might be more. I‘d had a busy day and I was very tired, so I sat down in the living room and began mindlessly […]

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